March 5, 2012

Hola Familia y amigos,

This week was the last week of the cambios (transfers), how crazy huh. I can't believe that I have 2 cambios out here already. It sure doesn"t feel like that. Before I tell you about what's going to be happening to me and all, here's what happened this week. I am so very happy that at least you guys got the photos and that they weren't lost with a bunch of different Elders. That's too bad that you didn't get to meet Elder Hamblin. He is quite the guy. Hopefully you will be able to meet him another time. As well, Elder Cross is down there for school now and he said that he may pass by the house sometime, so he might come as well. That's so cool that Aunt Vicky got to be sealed the other day, and that you all got to go to the temple. I sure do miss the Temple already and it hasn't been that long since I have been gone ha. That's cool that all the fam is heading down here to South America. It's a good place ha. That's too bad about Kenzie Murray send their fam a hug from me. I am glad to hear that Bridger's birthday was a success. What a little cute guy, eating his cake with his hands. He looks so different and not like a Brown. He is for sure a little Peterson. WOW, I can't believe Jesse is getting married, that is so wierd. I can believe the Caitlin one, of course, but Jesse is just wierd haha. What's even weirder is Jill. I can remember when we were little and they didn't even live in our ward, but I can remember them visiting all the time. That's pretty darn crazy. That's so cool that Caiden made the JV team. That will be so much fun. I am still going to come home and beat up on him though. I have been hittin' the gym pretty hard out here, hahah, not really. I am still getting skinny. Oh, by the way Dad, thanks for the sports up dates. I am going to miss March madness. They don't even know what that is here ha.
OK, Mom now to answer the questions ha. I have no idea how I am losing weight, because all the Chilean food is so fatty, but I am just not gaining weight. I guess it is because we do walk a lot. Treats that I miss, ha, I don't know. I always love me American chocolate and Swedish fish ha. The money goes like this: we get 80,000 peso for the whole month of food and everything like that. Then every 15th of the month we get 40,000 peso for traveling, because we have to take a bus or colectivo up to our sector everyday. I have been just fine on that money. There is nothing that I really need right now. No, I don't prepare a lot of food besides oatmeal with yogurt, sandwiches, and sometimes ramen, haha, that's about it. I haven't got a letter from friends in awhile except for a few from high school friends, but it has been awhile. Well, I think I just answered most the questions ha.

Ok, so first off with the cambios.... I am staying in RAHUE! I love it here. I will be getting a new comp. on Wednesday and his name is Elder Turner. Something really cool is that when we first got here my friend Elder Larsen from the MTC had Elder Turner as his trainer and now he is going to be my comp. I have heard good things about him and I am excited to work super hard with him. I will be waiting at the bus stop for him all day on Wednesday so that will be fun, ha. This week was a bit slower of a week because we didn't have very many investigators but the week ended super good. We had 4 new investigators at church, which was so sweet and then also 2 others that live in our area that members invited. The members are just awesome here. The priesthood meeting in church this past week was awesome. One of the members of the stake presidency came and talked to the preisthood about doing more missionary work as the members as well as being faithful tithing payers and they would see the blessings. It was legit and he had some way cool experiences with paying tithing. I as well made a few comments on how without them, us missionaries would not have success. Our last few baptisms have had a lot to do with members and almost everyone of them had to do with members. They are so important. Ok, now for one thing I want to share with you guys: I learned this week that the more you live the principles of the Gospel and the harder you try to live them fully with all your heart, that principle becomes a part of you. Like paying tithing. When they become part of you, you can talk about it with ease because it is just you now. When you talk about it you will bare strong strong testimony that will hit the hearts of those you talk to with so much force. Man, I want every single one of the principles of the Gospel to become part of me so I can speak about them all with such power. It's so weird how my desires have changed in just a short time on the mission. I wake up in the morning because I want to go find something boss in the scriptures, ha. I just want to become the best I possibly can and reach the potential that God has for me. Oh man, how I love being out here helping others to receive such a wonderful blessing as well as mold myself. Woo, it's good to be a missionary. 

Well, that's about it for this past week. I forgot to tell you that today we went to a place called Frutillar. It has the biggest lake in South America. It looked like an ocean. We took pictures there and played on the beach and then went and ate at a little restaurant. It was a ton of fun. I will try to connect some pictures. Oh, and Dad, I don't know if there is a way that you can leave all the pictures on my card so I can copy them all to my thumb drive so I can have them out here. Well, I love you all so much. Thanks for all you do and all your support.
Elder Brown

Oh my gosh, that is so sweet that the football coach talked to you about that. Wow, you really got to hit the weights then. Do a lot of squats and power cleans and you will be good. Oh how I miss football. I can't wait to come home and see you play. That is way cool about the soccer too. Sports all over the place. That might be the second thing I miss the most after the family. Well, keep working hard and trying to get some muscle on the flacito cuerpo of yours, haha. Love you tons.
Elder Brown

Elder Coria and Elder Brown

Some of the zone at Frutillar

Elder Purser and Elder Brown
Elder Brown

Elder Brown preaching!

pura salvacion

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