January 7, 2013

Hola Familia y Amigos,

I sure do love to hear from all you and hear that everything is going well. I just want to start this right of with the bad news so we can get to the good stuff and also before I forget to tell you. My tooth is a lot worse then I thought. I went to get it seen and guess what happened they told me that a cavity had been growing for some time there. I even believe that it was there before my filling even came out because she said it was pretty bad and had to work on  it right there. The worst of all is how much they are going to charge me to get it finished because it still isn´t finished. They have to do more but all in all its going to be 220 mil pesos or in dollars like 440 bucks I am going to die! I feel that they charge me that because I am Gringo which is awful, but I kinda have to get it done. What do you all think? Please respond about that as soon as possible.

Ok the bad news is over now we can move on. The new year was pretty much normal here except that we couldn´t really work Monday and Tuesday because everyone was drunk or at the beach at the lake. So listen to what we did to still try to be effective because there was no one in there house. We went close to the front of where our house is where everyone passes to go to the beach and we found a big wood bench there in the path and with the chalk that my wonderful mother sent me we drew the plan of salvation on the bench and then tried our best to teach the people walking past about where we came from, why we are here and where we are going after. I have to say it was pretty funny. Probably one of my best ideas so far even though we didn´t have to much success. Just imagine us as the people walking past saying "HEY!!! I drew a picture for you and I want to show it to you, it talks about where you came from and all that good stuff. Will you come take a look at my pic?" Haha it was funny. 
This week was pretty good though. Wednesday Elder Cortez and I were able to go and help the marriage missionaries get the house ready for the other marriage that is coming here to Pangui so that was pretty fun. This Sunday we also had about 70 people there at church which was awesome and we found a new investigator that came with his uncle our ward mission leader so we will begin to teach him this week. I taught Gospel Principles and I shared my story of how I learned to pray and I told that I learned from my great parents who I remember would come into my room at night when I was little and we would say prayers together. I also remember when I was in highschool, my sweet mother who I would always find in her room in the mornings saying her personal prayers on her knees. That has always marked me and even more so when I would be heading out the door and my mamita would ask, "Did you say your morning prayers?" When I would say no, she would kindly invite me to enter the front room and kneel and say a prayer with her. I am so grateful for such an amazing example. Now the habit to pray is so much a part of me I can´t do anything before doing my prayers. After sharing that with the class one of the ladies said when you get home you better never fight with your mom ever again because she is amazing. I thoroughly agree. I love you mom and Dad you both have taught me amazing things. 

Now to answer a few questions. I bought allergy medicine mom so don´t worry. Mom when are you going to send the next package? One thing I would ask for is that you could send a BYU T-shirt for Elder Cortez. He told me how he has always been looking for one. That would be awesome. I have vitamin c´s mother so I am pretty good. Don´t worry I am writing in my journal everyday. I have not missed a day of my mission. How could I miss one day of the best two years haha. I finished that big green journal actually and I started another one in another cool journal that I bought in the MTC of Provo for exactly that reason. I am doing great mother enjoying the treats you sent me for Christmas as well as many of the little kids in my sector are enjoying them. 

Well I can´t believe that everyone is getting married. So many, every week a new one, haha! Well if any of my guy friends gets married without me they will get a beating haha. I wonder how long it will take for all us weird guys of my group of friends to get married. We are pretty weird. I don´t know if there are any girls that will want us out there hahaha. Speaking of marriage, Lacee you have to start finding so that you can get married right after I get home. Oh yeah my comp is still struggling to adjust. I love feeling like such a country boy with him as well as watch him try to clean his nice little bed of all the little bugs that eat him at night haha. It's fun to watch him do city boy stuff ha. He is still struggling with obeying. I am trying to learn how to always forget myself and show him that we are not here to do what we want but to do what the Lord wants. Well I better get going, sorry, I had some great pics to send this week but I don´t have my cable. I sure do love you all. 
Elder Brown

"The real joy of a man is found in forgeting himself for the good of others" 
I can´t remember who that is from but I love it.

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  1. I love to read Elder Brown's emails :) I will often copy a few lines and send them to my son, Elder Kade Bishop(Elder Brown's friend) down in Texas. I am so sending a couple from this letter haha ;) Sounds like Elder Brown is doing great and serving well-- as is Elder Bishop! All of these YM are such awesome missionaries serving all over the world. Love it!! :)
    J. Bishop